Cardinal Alojzije Stepinac







Ordained a priest

In Rome.


Ordained a Bishop

At the Zagreb Cathedral and at the time was the youngest bishop in the world.


Zagreb Archdiocese Management

At the age of 36 he took over the management after the death of Archbishop Antun Bauer.

16 Years


Has contributed in a big positive way for the benefit of Croatia and her people;
The Blessed Cardinal Alojzije Stepinac strongly cared for the pastoral care of the family and youth and active participation of laity. He advocated for good press, publishing The Croatian Voice. He founded many new parishes, 14 of them in Zagreb. He included almost all religious order and societies in the pastoral care.
“Real love is not expressed in empty words, but in acts.” 


Fighting for rights of Croatia and her peoples

“As our forefathers firmly held on to the Catholic Church so shall we remain faithful to it whatever may come.”

He publicly condemned racial, ideological and political persecutions.
He had no political affiliations with any political party or movement.
Helped everyone during crises. 

Cultural / Heritage

Participating and supporting Croatia’s Culture, language, history and heritage
The Blessed Cardinal Alojzije Stepinac is a symbol of the Croatian Catholic Identity
“I will not be outdone in patriotism”

“Leader of Croatian Catholics, Cardinal Stepinac was sentence to 16 years imprisonment because he refused to yield to communist tyranny. Instead, he decided to speak up in defence of the persecuted Church and for the freedom of his Croatian people.”
Pope Pius XII   

Role Model - Nobel Character

The Blessed Cardinal Alojzije Stepinac was a man of honesty and integrity

“Communism was born of a lie, lives on a lie and shall die from a lie.” 



Mentorship and support

supporting various Croatian talent and contributing to community resources

“Let Stepinac teach us! Let him teach us about faith in God and kindness!”

Blessed People Paul VI 12 February 1960 as Milan Archbishop Cardinal  


Supporting Croatia’s needy people, whether poor, sick or lonely..
The Blessed Cardinal Stepinac’s charitable efforts during the Second World War managed to save over 27,000 children, war orphans, as a large number of men and women.
“Today, more than ever before, mankind needs heroes of Christ’s love to build what has been ruined in people’s souls;
To heal what has been sick;
To bandage what has been injured;
To bind what has been broken;
To console what has been sad;
To wipe the tears of those who cry.”  

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